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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable transformation in healthcare through comprehensive consulting services by industry experts.

Our Vision

We aim to lead healthcare businesses through this dynamic industry by cultivating strategies for organizational sustainability, & revenue growth.

who we are

VCG is a minority owned and operated consulting firm that understands diversity is an inherent competitive advantage. Our consultants have a range of educational, work, and personal experiences that shape the way we approach challenges in healthcare. We carefully consider the outcomes of our recommendations and the impact that they may have.

We gravitate toward monumental challenges because that is where BIG IDEAS are born, and we can’t wait to take your company from ambiguity to assuredness.

Meet our team of experts in Strategic Healthcare Solutions

Marcella Dalrymple, MPH, MBA: Founder
Andres Tello, MBA, MsC: Consultant

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Education: Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, Master of Public Health, and Master of Business Administration

Areas of expertise: Non-profits, academic medical centers, business development, AI, data science, population health, epidemiology, clinical research, product/service business strategy, business plan development, interdepartmental strategic alignment, communication plans, marketing strategy, organizational leadership, people analytics, contracting and negotiations, client management

Therapeutic areas or disease state experience: Diabetes, Asthma, Cardiology

Education: Bachelor of Science in Economics, English & Spanish Literature, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Health Economics & Pharmacoeconomics (current)

Areas of expertise: AI Entrepreneurship & VC (Machine/Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing), Finance, Forecasting, Healthcare economics, Pharmacoeconomics, Data Science, Data Pipeline management, Strategic pricing, Fundraising, Grant writing, Biopharmaceutical Drug Development, Technology Commercialization, Health Technology Assessment, Business Development

Therapeutic areas or disease state experience: Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Eye Care, Infectious Disease, Aesthetics

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